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You can choose your quality of life.

A picture of Leslie Kelley's sign language class in front of 1019 Logan Blvd. The Mission of the Center for Independent Living
is to empower people with disabilities to live independently.

This CIL strives through advocacy and collective action to remove physical and attitudinal barriers that prevent People with Disabilities (PwD) from exercising their rights, achieving personal independence, and participating fully in the life of the community.  Programs, services and trainings provided by this CIL teach consumers to take responsibility for their own abilities to live independently.

The CIL, established in 1988, is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-residential, community-based organization.  In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act, at least 51% of CIL board members and staff have disabilities.  The CIL offers services and programs to People with Disabilities in the following counties:




• This CIL is federally funded.  Some CILs are state funded.

• Our grants have come from the Department of Education.

• This CIL is one of 18 CILs in Pennsylvania.

• This CIL is based in Blair County.

• 2010 Census indicates there are over 20,000 People with Disabilities in Blair County and there are 85,000 PwD in the seven counties for which we are responsible.

• CIL coverage in all counties in all states is mandated by the Federal Government.

Recent Developments:
• November 2012, George Palmer joined the CIL staff as an Independent Living Specialist.

• January 2014, George Palmer became Executive Director of the CIL.

• December 2014, Joseph Fagnani became President of the CIL’s Board of Directors.

• By April of 2015, the CIL Board of Directors has grown from 5 members in 2014 to 13 members with 3 Board Committees.  Our current focus is to become the model CIL for Pennsylvania.

• August 2015, we moved from a small, non-descript location on Logan Boulevard, to the Butterick building on Beale Avenue.

• We’re currently focused on developing the model in Blair County to be replicated in other counties by:

1. Developing a program that touches the entire person;

2. Hiring more staff to touch and impact more lives;

3. Becoming an independent organization with an entrepreneurial mindset and approach.

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